Communist Party of Nepal- Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) has put up its signboard at its Dhumbarahi based party office following the quashing of unification of the UML and the CPN (Maoist Centre).

The previous signboard which hosted the name of the unified party, Nepal Communist Party (NCP) was taken down, replacing the same with the the 'original' board.

The changed were made comes after the two parties returned to the pre-unification stage as the Supreme Court's March 7 verdict. according the Nepal Communist Party to Rishi Ram Kattel, annulled Election Commission's decision to unify the UML and the Maoist Centre in 2018.

Dhumbarahi is where the UML had its central office prior to the unification while the Maoist Centre's office was based in Paris Daanda. Post unification, Dhumbarahi was designated as the central party office of the then Nepal Communist Party (NCP).

Rishi Ram Kattel has moved the Supreme Court after the poll body registered NCP (NCP) in 2018 stating that the party was already registered at the commission and that any other party bearing the same name would be illegitimate.

The Apex Court, acting on the petition, had ruled in favour of Kattel, thereby scrapping the unification between the two communist parties.