The BP Museum Committee has announced it will be making a documentary on BP Koirala, a founding member of Nepali Congress and the country's first elected prime minister. The documentary will feature different aspects of his life.

Organising a news conference here today, the committee said the documentary would capture the crucial moments of BP's life, including his days in exile, moment of NC's inception and transformation of Sundarijal prison to museum and other incidents after their interpretation and review.

The museum's Chair Parshuram Pokhrel said the documentary would include different aspects of BP's life.

Pokharel said, "We have confidence that Nepal-India relations will reach a new high with the development of BP Koirala's documentary."

Chairman Pokhrel stated that the documentary would be made with the financial assistance of Division Forest Office, Kathmandu, under the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Environment of Bagmati Province.

The Tiger Cinema Hall, venue of the first meeting of Nepali Congress in Kolkata, after the formation of NC in 1949 following the merger of Nepali National Congress and Nepali Democratic Congress, in Kolkata University where BP pursued his Bachelor's of Law study, NC's first general convention venue of Khalsa High School in Kolkata and other important places would also be shown in the documentary.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 28, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.