As many as 2,000 houses have been inundated due to incessant rainfall for the past two days at Belka Municipality in Udayapur.

The houses at wards 1 and 2 and the southern part of the municipality were inundated.

Every year, floods in Triyuga and Saptakoshi rivers encroach the fertile land in the area.

The flooded rivers entered human settlements and inundated the villages. The locals have been living in fear after the river water entered human settlements. Locals at Tapeshwori have been facing problems after the local rivers encroached the fertile land.

The flooded rivers have destroyed the fertile lands and paddy farms. Ward 1 Chairman Dinesh Chaudhary said the water level in Saptakoshi River had increased due to incessant rainfall. He said the Triyuga River was blocked and that the village had become inundated after the flooded river entered the human settlements.

He added that the risk would increase if rainfall continued. He said though the rivers had destroyed fertile land and no initiative was taken to control the river.

"The masterplan to control the flooded rivers has yet to be implemented even though it was devised five years ago," he said.

A social worker at Tapeshwori, , Ashok Karki, said the Triyuga and Saptakoshi rivers had mostly affected Tapeshwori. He added that the rivers had also inundated the villages last year.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 23 2021, of The Himalayan Times.