Preparations are under way to declare all the local levels of Bajura fully immunised.

According to Bajura Health Office Chief Daya Krishna Panta, preparations to administer vaccines to the children below 15 months is under way in all nine local levels of the district. The newborns and kids below 15 months will be administered all the vaccines recommended by the Government of Nepal. The health office said that as many as 6,000 children below 15 months are there in Bajura. At least eight government recommended vaccines have to be administered to the children below 15 months against twelve different communicable diseases.

A staff at the health office Mahesh Chanda said that the local levels should not miss even a single child to be declared fully immunised local level. According to the local levels, they have managed to carry out door-to-door vaccination campaign to make sure that not even a single child is left out.

District Coordination Committee Chief and Chairman of vaccination coordination committee Narendra Kumar Rokaya said that the district would be declared fully immunised district only after administrating vaccines to all 6,000 children in the district.

Gaumul Rural Municipality was declared the first fully immunised rural municipality in the district a week ago. Chairman Hari Bahadur Rokaya said that the rural municipality was the first fully immunised local level in Sudurpanchim Province.

District Administration Office, Bajura, has been holding discussion among chiefs, deputy chiefs, administrative officers, chief district officer and health coordinator, among other stakeholders of the local levels to declare all nine local levels of Bajura fully immunised.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 23, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.