Minister of Health and Population Hridayesh Tripathi today said COVID vaccine had become a political tool in the world.

Speaking after the inspection of vaccination campaign in Bharatpur Hospital today, Minister Tripathi said that obtaining the COVID vaccine doses had been an arduous task. "Very few companies were manufacturing the vaccine and for getting them, countries needed to employ political connections. We too have thought of purchasing the vaccine through political influence and diplomatic channels," Tripathi stated.

Tripathi pledged that the vaccination drive against the respiratory contagion would not stop. "The vaccine doses for the second phase would arrive before the first phase of vaccination ends," Tripathi said. Even Europe was having a hard time procuring the vaccine but Nepal would not have to face that predicament, he assured.

Minister Tripathi said the government had started the process of buying COVID vaccine. He pledged that he would not allow experimentation of any medicine in Nepal.

"We shall allow import of COVID vaccine only after its effectiveness was confirmed," he added. He further said vaccine procurement process would be transparent and open.

Tripathi also laid out his three top priorities for the country. "I will focus on bringing COVID vaccine in the first place. After that, I will work to establish a hospital in every local level and integrate employees of the health sector," he said.