Dental patients have started receiving treatment from District Hospital, Bajura, after the hospital introduced dental service for the first time.

Chief at the hospital Dr Prakash Raj Joshi said that the hospital had appointed Dr Raj Kumar Rokaya on contract to bring dental service into operation. Earlier, patients were compelled to go to Dhangadi to avail dental services.

The patients have found it easy to receive the treatment after dental service started in the district. Dr Rokaya said as many as five to six patients came to the hospital for treatment daily. He also added that the number would increase in the days to come as more people would know about the service. Dental patients have received the treatment facility for the first time in the district.

Dr Rokaya said patients who could not go to out of the district for treatment, had received the service after a long time in the district. He added that one to two patients who had been suffering from dental issues for many years had reached the hospital.

Hospital management committee Chairman Bharat Thapa said they had operated dental service in the district hospital after Dr Rokaya was appointed. He added that Dr Rokaya was also a local resident and that patients were receiving treatment service on a regular basis.

They said that the compulsion to go outside the district for treatment had ended after dental service was introduced in the district hospital. The locals said they were compelled to visit Nepalgunj and Dhangadi for treatment, earlier.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 27 2021, of The Himalayan Times.