Follow Covid-19 protocols strictly to help reduce transmission, MoHP stresses


The Ministry of Health and Population, with a view to strictly regulate the Covid -19 protocols, has issued a circular amid the second wave of the coronavirus infection which has resulted in a steady surge in reported daily cases of infections in the country.

It has further requested media from publishing coverage of individuals without masks so as to discourage the practice of not wearing masks while in public. "We request all media persons to raise awareness on the pandemic situation with even more sensitivity and to use mask while presenting news, while taking interviews, or while reporting any event," the Ministry said in a statement.

"We further encourage the media to discourage coverage of any person without mask, to not release any content representing such people."

The ministry has urged people to religiously follow all necessary health protocols given the sudden spike in daily cases. If there is negligence in following COVID protocols, then the government will be forced to opt for stricter measures as the virus has become more transmissible for all age groups, it stressed.

Government has urged the people to act responsibly and contribute in limiting the spread and transmission of Covid-19 across the country. It has further requested people to ensure adherence to protocols put in place by the government such as limiting public gatherings, maintaining distance, sanitizing hands, wearing face masks, among others in fighting the challenge.