Foreigners arriving in Nepal till Sunday and those arriving via air bubble facility reincluded in the PCR test parameters


The Ministry of Health and Population on Monday made changes in the directive it issued earlier to all PCR labs prohibiting the test of foreigners that are in Nepal en route to third countries, albeit with some conditions.

According to the notice, now, those foreigners who have arrived in the country until yesterday are allowed to take PCR tests in Nepali labs.

Similarly, foreigners arriving in Nepal through the air bubble facility are also eligible to avail of the PCR testing services in the country.

Yesterday, the health ministry had issued a notice prohibiting PCR test on all foreigners who are in the country except those who are Nepali citizens, staffers of diplomatic agencies and missions, their families, and foreigners who are living in the country for a longer duration, only after verifying their papers, claiming that such kind of activities had increased the risk of coronavirus infection in the country.

It has been reported that thousands of foreigners especially Indian nationals are in the capital city waiting for their flights to various destinations after airlines from India were stopped in multiple nations after the second wave and more virulent variant of coronavirus seized the country.

Notice by the Ministry of Health and Population
Notice by the Ministry of Health and Population