One and a half years after Dil Bahadur Damai broke his legs in a road accident in India, he is still struggling to get the required treatment and live a proper life.

Damai, 27, of Ganyapdhura-2, Dadheldhura had gone to India for foreign employment but got into an accident three days after his arrival in Mumbai. The accident fractured both his legs.

He took aid from relatives and other loans for treatment but could not receive a complete treatment and remains helpless.

Damai's father Durga Damai is the only active person and takes care of the family consisting of 18 members. They are struggling to sustain their daily lives.

On Tuesday, Gagan Bahadur Damai, a relative, along with Dil Bahadur Damai demonstrated with a banner in front of Chief Minister's Office in Dhangadhi requesting for support.