Public holiday demanded

Damak, November 2

Followers of the Kirat faith have demanded a nationwide holiday on the birth anniversary of Phalgunanda Lingden, pioneering leader of the Kirat faith.

This year, Phalgunanda Jayanti falls on Kartik 25 (November 11).

The government has declared a holiday for followers of the Kirat faith only, on the day.  However, the association for the Promotion of the Kirat Religion and Literature has demanded that the government declare a public holiday on the day to mark the occasion.

President of the asssociation, Degendra Singh Thegim, said it was inappropriate to grant a holiday only for the followers of the Kirat religion.

Referring to Mahaguru Phalgunada as a national icon, he said that the government should declare a public holiday to all citizens across the country.