Taskforce to take care of stray cattle

Dhangadi, October 23

A taskforce has been formed to manage stray cattle that have appeared as a major problem in districts such as Kailali and Kanchanpur.

Following discussion between Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta and chiefs of local bodies in the districts, a taskforce has been formed under the coordination of Land Management and Agriculture Cooperatives Minister Binita Chaudhary of Sudurpashchim Province.

According to Bhatta, the panel has been tasked with presenting a plan for the management of stray cattle in a month’s time. As per the members of the panel, the decision to pick the members has been vested with the coordinator.

“As our numerous attempts to manage stray cattle weren’t sufficient, we had to collaborate with the provincial government,” said Dhangadi sub-metropolis Mayor Nrip Bahadur Wada, adding, “Though the sub-metropolis itself has managed the cattle here by setting up a closure, it was to no avail, the problem wouldn’t end as stray cattle continued to flow in from the adjoining local bodies.”

Kailali’s Gauriganga Municipality Mayor Bhim Bahadur Deuba, on his part, informed that he had proposed to set up a stockade to keep stray cattle in Gauriganga’s Talband area. “We’ve over 500 bigaha there and I propose that we build a joint stockade there,” he said.

Godawari Municipality Mayor Hari Saud said there were discussions about ways to jointly manage stray cattle by all local bodies of Kailali and Kanchanpur and the provincial government.

“The management of stray cattle isn’t the concern of local bodies alone,” he said.