Nepal | November 27, 2020

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  • Lifestyle

    “Shuggie Bain” wins Booker Prize for Scottish author Douglas Stuart

    LONDON: Scottish author Douglas Stuart won the Booker Prize for fiction on Thursday with his first novel "Shuggie Bain", with judges saying his tale of love and alcoholism set in Glasgow in 1980s was destined to be a classic. The 44-year-old Stuart, who wins 50,000 pounds ($66,000) and is only th...

  • Education

    Bodhi Toastmasters Club organises its 75th meeting in Pokhara

    KATHMANDU: Bodhi Toastmasters Club, Kathmandu, organised it's 75th meeting in Pokhara under the theme "Visit Nepal 2020" in collaboration with Pokhara and Gandaki Toastmasters Club. At a time when the country's tourism industry is being marred by the coronavirus outbreak, toastmasters and gue...

  • Entertainment

    The pandemic is changing Hollywood, maybe forever

    NEW YORK: “No New ‘Movies’ Till Influenza Ends” blared a New York Times headline on Oct. 10, 1918, while the deadly second wave of the Spanish Flu was unfolding. A century later, during another pandemic, movies — quotes no longer necessary — are again facing a critical juncture. But i...

  • Opinion

    Information security: Beyond firewalls and passwords

    However, one thing that we need to be concerned about is the seriousness of cyber security risks. It is no more limited to the configuration of a firewall or securing our passwords. The consequences of a breakdown in security extends beyond the military and business organisations, to societies, and ...

  • Science & Technology

    Mysterious ‘obelisk’ in US desert draws wild theories

    LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 25 A mysterious metal “obelisk” found buried in the remote western United States desert has inflamed the imaginations of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) spotters, conspiracy theorists and Stanley Kubrick fans around the world. The shiny, triangular pillar — wh...

  • Business

    MoCTCA begins preparations for resuming tourist activities

    KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 18 The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has started preparations to resume remaining tourist activities in the country. As the Cabinet has decided to allow operations of cable cars, jungle safaris and museums, MoCTCA has begun preparations to open ot...